Week Six: There’s Emitters Everywhere

Okey, so during the sixth week I moved the calculations of the particle movment from the CPU to the GPU ¬†(as I mentioned in the last update). I also gave the emitters the ability to move, so I think they’re happy, they haven’t told me otherwise ;D.¬†But the major change to the system is that has happened is that now the particle emitters also has the ability to emit other emitters, and at the same time they can also emit particles which turned out pretty cool. It was my intention to show you my first ever image of the particles (which I got to say is about time), and as I took some screenshots I saw something I havn’t seen before. Some of the particles still doesn’t get sorted right, And i don’t know why, but it only appears to happen when there are two different types of particles that gets to close to one another, see the top of the left most red column and the place where the red and purpule particles meet.


But for now lets forgett about that glaring issue and let me tell you about what’s happening in the image. At the bottom is a particle emitter (that you can’t see as I don’t render the emitters) that emitts the particle emitters that gives of the red particles creating the red colums and when it has emitted a set amount of emitters it will be removed from the world. The emitters that are emitting the red particles travles up into the sky without being effected by any type of gravity (both the emitters and the particles have their own direction that they “feel” gravity, so it could for example be along the negative x and the positive y axis), and when it has emitted a set amount of particles it transforms into a different type of emitter. It’s that emitter that’s emiting those teal colored particles, but it’s also emitting an “empty” emitter type, and when it has emitted a certain amount of emitters or particles it’s removed from the world. What I mean with an “empty” emitter is that it doesn’t emit any particles or emitters at all, it just lets the physics calculates its motion through the world, and after that “empty” emitter floated around for about 0.3 seconds it transforms into the emitter that’s ¬†responsible for emitting those purpule particles and when it has emitted a certain amount of particles it gets removed from the world. The momentum is preserved between the transformation between different emitter types but can be ignored if the emitter is given an inverse mass of zero which gives the emitter an infinite mass.

So what will/am I doing this week, well I’m going to expand the emitter shape selection of the system. Right now there are only point emitters, at the end of the week I’m pretty confident that the selection will have increased with both line emitters, that will be able to emit particles and emitters between two points, and surface emitters that will be emitting its emitters and particels from its surface.

See you one week in the future.

I’d also like to thank Emil Hedemlam for providing me with a much better particle image then the once I had. Thank You Emil :D.

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