More Emitters, Victory

So the implementation of the new emitter types wasn’t that hard at all, and that what we call a victory, a sweet, sweet, victory. Because of that I thougth I shuold share the results with you by showing you some more images ;).

This is an image of the line emitter that’s now available to the system.



And an image of the line emitter from the side.


This image is of the surface emitter that can bring particles into existance in the world.



And an image from inside the “blood snow” emitted by the surface emitter.




The line emitter can consist of an arbitrary amount of line segments and the surface emitter can consist of an arbitrary amount of surfaces. So if I just create a way to load model files I could just use the surface that are of a mesh. The surfaces of the surface emitter don’t need to have the same amount of vertices for every surface, but every surface needs to be convex if the it should emit its particles or emitters correctly.

So now I’m going to add a wider variety of particles to make things more interesting.

Bye, have a beautiful time. 😉


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