Week Five: Restructuring and Evolving

During week five things really started to come together and my face was shaped like this, :D, at the end of the week.

I remade the structure of the particle system abit. I erased the existance of what I called particle groups, so now all of the particles that have transparency is sorted together ll of the transparent particles are now located together and are sorted after every other transparent particle. Later I will also add that paricles also are sorted into transparent paricles, that needs sorting, and non transparent particles, that doesn’t need to be sorted (at least not every frame).

I also made created the basic layout for the three different type of editors. Right now they’re all located in the same project, but I will later split them up into three different projects as it will work better with how I’ve designed some parts of the system, and the other parts really don’t care one way or the other. As it will only improve things by making them simpler, I see on reason why I should not do it.

I did also implement the first (and I got to admit, somewhat sucky) version of the morphing system. Right now the particle emitters can only¬†instantaneously change from one type to another, and i hope that I will have time to implement some sort of interpolation system between the different shapes (mainly because I think it could turnout pretty cool ūüėČ ).

As I’m writting this at the start of the sixth week (Monday) I can also tell you that the movments of the particles are now calculated on the GPU through the use of¬†¬†OpenCL.

During the rest of the sixth week I’ll be giving the system a new feature, namley the ability for particle emitters to emitt other particle emitters, and I got to tell you I’m really looking forward to this one :D.

Until next time, be cool and stay in school ;).

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