Fixed the Transparent Rendering Issue

As I explained in the thried week  project update post, I had an issue with the rendering of the transparant billboard particles I made for the prototype. Click on this link to read the post.

When your rendering transparent objects they need to be rendered in a specific order, namely, the object furthest from the camera needs to be rendered first and the object closest to the camera last. If you don’t do this then some of the particle fragments generated by the rasterizer will never reach  the framebuffer and their colors woun’t be blended into the final image that ends up on the screen.

The solusion (which I’m 100% sure is not close to optimal) ironically came to me when all of the students was presenting what we’d done during the second and third weeks our projects, the preproduction and prototyping weeks. Instead of sorting by the distance from the camera to the center of the particles, I just transformed the particles position in world space to view space, and sorted the particles after the resulting z coordinate. I’m going to give it some more brain crunching time and I will hopefully come up with a better solusion.

Until next time, stay awesome ;).

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