The First and Second Weeks

Week One


During the first week of the project was dedicated to research and planing. The research was about what programs/frameworks I was going to use to create my particle system, but also trying to find out more information on different ways particle systems can be implemented and get some ideas that might improve the design I had in my head.

I made a project plan that includes the project goals, what the programs/frameworks I’m decided that I was going to use, a time schedual so I will know if I’m starting to fall behind, or if I’m actually working better then I expected I would.

So what did my research lead me to. Well I decided that I was going to use Qt to design the GUI for the resulting demo I’m shooting for, because I’ve used it before during my studies and come to know it quite well. I’m going to use  OpenCL for my GPGPU programing. Mainly because I’m curious about the language and how it taps into the powers GPU, but also because of its cross-platform support and its always good to try something new. I’m going to use GLSL to do the rendering, the reason is the same as with Qt, because I’ve used it on multiple occasions during my time studying at this program.

More information on what the project is about is located at the “About the Project” section, or just click here.

Week Two


I started the week by doing a little more research and finishing up on some of the documents I needed to fill out about the project. Which all can be found by clicking at the Milestone 1 link at the top right of this page, or you just click here.

I also compleated a couple of quick tutorials on OpenCL, so I feel like I’ve at least got the basics down and how the basic parts of the framework relate to one another. I also created a basic setup for the program, but because I was dome with the basic setup in what seemed like no time at all, I started working on some  next weeks tasks.


Next week (tomorrow), I’m going to start implementing the particle system so I’ll start bringing you some more information on the actual project topic, the particle system. So don’t go anywhere, the fun is just about to begin;).

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