Skanect, 123D Catch and Photoscan

Use the mouse to navigate in the windows and press the Sketchfab logo in the right bottom corner to show the model in a new window (Full screen viewer).

LMB: Rotate
RMB: Pan

Small house scanned With Xbox Kinect and the software Occipital Skanect.
Not much detail, low quality texture.

Scan: 4 Min
Coloring <1 Min

Small house, 46 photos. Made with Autodesk 123D Catch.
Better detail and texture than the Kinect solution. Still not looking good. The lighting conditions were not the best but that is impossible to see here since the software produced two textures and Sketchfab and display multiple diffuse textures.

Photos: 4 Min
Upload: 5 Min

Building mesh: 1 H, 24 Min

Small house, 46 photos. Made with Agisoft Photoscan.
Good detail and really good texture quality. Same lighting condition as the Autodesk 123D model since it is the same pictures.

Photos: 4 Min

Align: 3 Min
Build dense cloud: 27 Min
Building mesh: 5 Min
Removing unwanted geometry: 3 Min
Building texture: 3 Min