Scanning vs sculpting

Sculpted gnome

Sculpting mesh: 5 H, 43 Min
Painting texture: 12 Min
Retopo (Zbrush): 5 Min
UV mapping (UVUnfold): 6 Min

Bake Diffuse, Normal, AO: 1 H, 21 Min

Scanned gnome

Align: 3 Min
Build dense cloud: 53 Min
Building mesh: 5 Min
Removing unwanted geometry: 3 Min
Building texture: 3 Min
Retopo (Zbrush): 7 Min
UV mapping (Maya): 25 Min
Bake Diffuse, Normal, AO: 9 Min

The time used and the quality of the sculpt varies from person to person. If a sculptor was to do this the data would look different.
It is important to keep this in mind while looking at the gathered data.

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