Week 8


This week was all about special vfx making smoke, fire, water and explosions, and scripted sequences.matinee21
I’ve also done lots of scripting making relevant objects load into the level and unloading the entities that isn’t.matinee14
Here you can see the fire particles in the background. I made a flag carrier-carolean with a cloth simulated flag. matinee5I’ve worked lots with the sound effects and I realized it lots of more work then I estimated. It’s really fun and adds a lot to the atmosphere.matinee9
I also made a dissolve shader for the Demons so that they vaporize when shot enough times. It’s just a simple opacity mask and the emissive maps uses the borders of that giving that glowing look.matinee16matinee18
I’ve finally animated and scripted the last part of the level, when the golem arrises from the depths and destroys the bridge leading to the final island.  matinee19
Things left to do before friday:
-Sound editing.
-The speech from the king.
-More looping war-sequences.
-Canon Fires
-Rocket artiellry

If I get the time I’d like to throw in:
-Destroyed brick walls
-The King Carl XI
-Puckle Guns

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