Week 7

I had problems with fraps and had to run in a lower resolution in the editor (Also without built lightning.) I blame the Danskjävlar..

This week was all about the final pieces, I wanted to model and rig the golem so that I wouldn’t have to worry about the key features of the game. With the golem done I could finally start with the scripting and animation of the soldiers and monsters, making the world feel alive.animation23
The texturing was quite simple since it’s standing in strong backlight, I also had to light the whole diffuse up or otherwise he was completly black, with just his glowing eyes showing.animation11animation12.gif
A preview of the golem rising, don’t want to give away any spoilers yet 😉
I also tried to attach glow particles and water splash-particles on sockets that I assigned on the golems joints, but that’s something I have to tweak because.

animation19 animation20
I went back to the carolean and fixed the aim\shoot\reload-animation and made a falling\grabbed animation which were to play as quick as the soldier was grabbed by a gargoyle. I also made 2 cheer animations which is showed after the kings speech.animation21
The only thing that isn’t made by me in this project is the run-cycle. I tried but it looked woonky as shit and the cost of that animation saved me a lot of headache and time. I bought the animation from Mixamo but i modified it using animations layers to make it fit better the musket and that era.
I also took a quick look at the physics assets which I’m going to use for the ragdolls and body parts that will appear when the soldiers are sliced by the demons.animation18
This is the animation flow for the battlefield, as the battlefield is an “ongoing event” I made a sequence that’s 60 seconds long that loops, and hopefully noone will see the repitition.
You’ll see soldiers running along the trenches, and demons flying in the sky. I will add more stuff next week like canons firing into the sky, more soldiers running and more demons flying. Pretty much more of everything.animation16
This is the Animation chart for the first scene, this will only happen once and the soldiers will run off the level and be destroyed to free up memory. The number of soldiers where over 40 and it sure took time to make every soldier run his own path and do his own unique animation, but the result is more satisfying then seeing all the soldiers making the same thing.animation17animation25

I also made the canon cleaner prop and made some canonballs that now occupies the map. GG next week.
/ fredrik

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