Week 6

This week has been a little about sculpting/modelling and a huge portion of optimizing.
I’ve been making auto-generated LODS of all the objects and customized the culling distance of all the different objects in the map to keep the draw calls and tris count down as much as possible.  golem2 I also made the castle of three crowns and made all the background object such as the quay which I don’t think anyone will notice, but I believe in level design that you have to think of the details to make the player feel immersed.golem8 golem4I made a masked version of the soldier so that I could have more variations of the soldiers.golem5

golem13And I started to sculpt the Golem, As I knew that the golems lower parts wouldn’t be visible I simply cut his legs so that I could focus on the upper part of the body. There will be more ship parts on him until I consider the sculpt complete.golem1 I made lots of tests to try out the composition and lightning of the last shot.

I’m still on schedule and soon it’s time for the best part, making the scripted sequences.


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