Monsters and shit.

Last week I took 4 days off which was well needed and I came back with charged batteries. the week was all about production, I finished the last part of the level, it’s been a little changed in the plan. I no longer going to make the player be able to access the third island, you’ll see in the end why. I also tested out the ability to attach a body to the camera, and it worked without any problems. I’m just going to make a high poly version of the body and the arms.
I also took some time to giving extra detail to parts of the level, in the end I made:
-3 types of roots
-Bricks for the edges of the buildings to hide seams.
-Lion statue
-The stone bridge
-New stone stairs for the beginning of the map
-A variation of the buildings, some are destroyed.

I made a change in the schedule and postponed the last props of the levels to take some time to make the demon, because I was so tired of making props. Here is some screenshots from the level.


The demon.
It took me two days to complete the gargoyle\demon, from making up the zsphere to the animations. I didn’t have any plan for the looks and just wanted the creature to take form as i sculpted the basemesh. All I had in mind was to make it look dangerous and demonic.

It started as an alien, went from a pig to a dinosaur,cat,lizard,alien, and then finally (In my eyes) a demon/gargoyle.

When the sculpt was gone I made a lowpoly of the mesh that landed on 11.000 tris, did 5 different bakes of different parts of the high poly because I got serious baking issues with the wings,legs and his mouth. I gave the demon the classic glowing red eyes  with an low res emissive map. After the texturing part I started to animate the creature and tested the animations in-game.
It still needs some cleanup and timing, also some skin weight painting.


modelling19.gif modelling20.gif modelling21.gifmodelling24.gif

That’s about it for this week.
Next week I hope to be ready with the golem and the castle.

I also got a really nice drum loop from Sebastian Mårtensson that fits perfect into the scene, big thanks!

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