Week 4

The second playthrough of the level.props10

For the big parts the first and second part is almost done, I’m going to make more house variations and details like chimneys and windows on the roofs.
The essentials for the last part is:
-1 stone bridge.
-1 destroyable wooden bridge.
-smaller houses.
Everything else is just extra props.
The first part now is now filled with enviroment props, If I have time it would be awesome to exchange that soldier in the middle to Karl XI giving a speech to the soldiers.props12
I made crates,boxes, house facades, bushes, a statue (Texturing still need some work.)
I also figured out that I wasn’t using light maps for my levels (I didn’t have any shadows at all in the map, only the ambient occlusion). I searched for information about it on the internet and gave the terrain mesh a really big map because it covers 2\3 of the map atm.
I also made auto-generated LODs of the most objects.props8

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