Week 2

I had a rough start this week, I noticed that the original scale of the carolean soldier was 75% and I didn’t want to scale every soldier once they got placed in the world.
So I decided to scale up the skeleton with the basic rig I got from the internet.. Big mistake, you should almost never scale skeletons in any game engine since it’s almost never supported.

I got lots of problems with the rigs that I’ve downloaded from the internet and after 2 days I realized it was better to delete it all and make my own rig (something I should have done from the beginning..).
I also included the hat and the rifle with the soldiers skeletal mesh, since all the soldiers will be equipped with those. It’s gonna save me some time
instead of attaching it to sockets created for each of every soldier.


Can I fight in the war, mommy?

I made a previz version of the level to test the scale of everything and to test out how the distances are. It’s funny how 2 metres can make a difference if a distance feels too far or too close to walk.
It’s a scaled down version of the town and I’m going to mix the history by taking the most interresting parts and make it an interpretation of my own, since it’s not historictly correct.
The level take 50 seconds to walk from start to finish, with the scripted events the game will probably take 1½ minute to complete.
I also made a water shader, it still needs more work so it looks like it gets contact with land.

Spoilers ahead:
1) Inspirationan speech: the game will start with the captain of the group giving a short speech to a squad of caroleans, which will also fill the player with some background story of the alternative universe.
2)Ambush: Half of the squad will get ambushed by flying demons, introducing the main threat to the player. The surviving soldiers will stand on the ledge while the player has to jump down into the trenches.
3) When the player walks through the trenches he or she can glimpse fights between the caroleans and the demons, if I have time I want some scripted events inside the trenches as well.
4) Bridge: the last distance will be a little breather before the finale
5) A huge earth golem (With parts of the royal ship Wasa) will rise from the canals and scream and cutting the screen to black, ending the game.

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