My first post!

Last week when  I got a go from Arash and Samuel I started to sculpt the first soldier right away.
I got some good feedback during the whole process of the sculpting. I aimed to get the character under 10.000 tries because I know that I want lots of soldiers running around on the battlefield battling the enemy. karolin26karolin23
After I made the lowpoly I baked an Ambient occlusion and a normal bakes from xNormals. I’m quite familiar with this pipeline, but this time I tried using cages and it turned out to be really good on the first try. After I got my bakes from xNormals I  my AO map and used it as a multiply layer. The texturing still need some work.
I wanted to try out a really simple facerig to see if I could get the soldiers to feel more alive. I also wanted to try to import the animations into UDK and get used to the settings there, it turned out to be a piece of cake and the engine almost makes it to easy for the user (which is a really good thing). I kinda felt like Victor Frankenstein when I saw my characters move around in the UDK-scene (Even though it’s quite a simple animation). Well that sums up for the first week, 8 to go!

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