oooh look a fourier

Close to the end of the project! Look finally some in-program fouriers!   I will be using this to preferably accomplish some cool stuff and improve my shape recognition.


  This might not look too exciting, what this is, is that the picture is loaded in through a QT gui, sent to OpenCV, handled by OpenCV, then converted to…

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Slow week

Monday was planned milestone, but my presentation got delayed to Tuesday. From Wednesday on I have been starting to lay down the ground work. I have decided to use OpenCV,…

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Milestone 2

Milestone two is done now. It’s supposed to be proof of concept, but since my project was more research centric, I didn’t really have a proof of concept but more…

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Milestone 1

Milestone 1 and the presentation about the research for the project is now done. Link to milestone 1 contents. Milestone links also appears on the right side.