I am an idiot for not thinking of this before!

It’s 2 days before the 3rd milestone. I am making my program prettier and making it so I can show off more things easier. I can now show what the picture looks like during different stages of the program and very easily showing off exactly what I am doing.

The thing is… this would’ve be highly useful to me quite a bit earlier, if I had focused on getting this kind of things like first two weeks, I would’ve been able to much easier get my stuff rolling.



I can see the picture at ANY stage, even during last stage, where it’s invariant numbers. It took a bit work to get text onto a picture, but with this I can easily show things off! It’s very useful for debugging though, to see whatever happens at any stage. I wish I had done this earlier.

I can even show off my super awesome fouriers that doesn’t do anything at all! That is irrelevant though, because they looks just impressive.  Now I just need to make a power point for the presentation and make sure I can run the program on the computer in the room where I am gonna do the third milestone presentation.

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