Close but no cigar

Right now I am fairly close to having a simple Hu invariant comparison in. I have slight problems doing the comparison of Hu invariants done. Right now I take out central moments, get Hu invariants from that, but I haven’t done any comparing using it. I am not entirely sure about the number spreads and how they scale.

Probably it’s like a day of work off doing the comparison. Maybe on monday I can show off some simple stuff.


In less bright news I have reached a problem. Right now I take out contours of every shape in the picture, and it doesn’t let me compare a full picture but instead I just compare the shapes in the picture. Right now I am just gonna compare each shape in both picture to each other. But it’s still a very clumsy solution, and I don’t have a good one yet. Partially it will be fixed with fourier descriptors of the picture, we’ll see later on.

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