Tons of research

After a initial week or writing documents, and doing some research, my research was a bit lacking, and what I had so far was a bit lacking. The nature of the project also means it is in need of a longer period of research than just one week. The week have been spent reading papers about image comparison, Fourier transformation and uses of it, and looking at Google image search. Also I will most probably be using OpenCV to not have to ease my workload a little bit and focus more on the algorithm.

Fourier Transfrom

Showing off a pretty Fourier transform. For now I just leave this in the air, I will most probably be using Fourier transformation, and I will talk more about them when more details are fleshed out.

Making an algorithm that can take any image and compare it to any other without any restriction probably is too difficult to accomplish during this 2 month project, so I will need to put down some restrictions. Focus will be on comparison of shapes in pictures IE a grey scale picture(or conversion to that). And then a simple colour comparison will be run by using a histogram of the colours. Comparison will also be restricted to pictures of same size, but hopefully it will be able to detect rotations. This is the initial plan, next week will focus on how to do the shape comparing.

Kudos to Dr Johannes Hirche for input and feedback on project, and for suggestions for changes.

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