The wooden-look did not quite do it for me, so I removed any thoughts I had of that and used some pictures from Morocco and Thailand as reference for the set extension. I ended up with a much better feel of a warmer and “magic” climate and atmosphere. I rendered it separately with a diffuse, indirect, reflection, refraction, specular and translucence-pass as well as AO and have a pretty basic setup in maya that’s easily changable if the need arises. -There’s probably a risk that I’ll need to change the light setup a bit in order to get Kajsa to integrate better with the overall scene and if I’m unable to fix it in comp I don’t want going back redoing things taking too much extra time. First1


With more detail on the background I was able to see some small skipping in the beginning of the track.  I did not think I’d end up with this problem when using RED-camera footage, but alas! Hello my old nemesis! “Luckily” this is a problem I’ve stumbled upon in a previous project, so I tracked the footage in Nuke instead and was able to get a better track, then used a gizmo to export the camera and point cloud into maya.

At the moment I’m working on integrating the lantern. I rotoscoped the shadows under Kajsa, matching it with the original footage and enhanced those to match the light in the scene, but will need to simulate those caused by the lantern. I’ll do this in separately so I’ll be able to fake the flickering coming of the lantern by just animating the the opacity on the merge node.

Milestone 2

For safety reasons we had filmed a couple of extra shots last wednesday which I’m very thankful about now. Having just one long shot became slightly boring and adding a short clip from another angle made for a much more interesting sequence. I might have to cut it a little differently to achieve a good flow and I had to flip the second shot horizontally in order to not break the 180-degree rule, which means I’ll have to remove/move the lighter in her hand.

For the MS2 presentation I made a mockup of containing the different elements. Everything from will be improved/replaced later on (the background will most likely become vastly different and have an elevated horizon), but this gave me a good look on what needs doing and how to achieve it.


Wednesday was the day of shooting. We filmed at the school’s own studio which was great fun. We managed to get a couple of good shots, including some from the opposite direction in case clip will end up in need of some embellishment. Big thanks to everyone involved, especially Kajsa and Mattias whom I might have tormented!

RED camera

RED camera – providing us with some amazingly crisp footage.

People pretending to look important.

People pretending to look important.

I’ve tracked the footage and done an initial key and now I’m working on a mockup including all elements for MS2.

track key


The first “real” week of project the has flown by. As we’re not shooting until tomorrow (wednesday) I’ve been able to do more research and also took the time to model and texture an initial lantern and airship that I’ll be able to use in my mockup. I’ve gathered 2GB of royalty free stock images to have everything set for the matte painting and also made some preparations for the shooting of the clip. As we’re going to film with a RED-camera we had a very informative lecture last friday on how to work with the material.

My friend Kajsa has agreed to be my actress for the day and I promised her to be a gentle director. Hmm. We’ll see.