Texturing process is reaching its end. I’ve created the textures above.

I also merged some painted details (such as scars, veins and major wrinkles) into the 32-bit displacement that Robin generated. I merged these in Nuke to keep the bit depth.

The skin subdermal layer is less saturated than I used to paint them due to the new sss shader, the weavelength dependent scatters takes care of the red boost. See my shading post here.

In the fine displacement I painted high frequency wrinkle detail to break up the specular highlights. It also contains scars, blood spatter, and various skin defects. But you will probably not notice much of the details in the diffuse.

Instead of painting reflection intensities in a reflection map, I painted the gloss instead, which blurs the reflections. This made more sense because skin is one material and therefore one reflection value, it was more a matter of skin wetness or dryness which is controlled by the amount of reflection blur. I did do a reflection map though; to tint the blood slightly red. Otherwise the blood looked to much like plastic.

Fine displacement:torosdddddbin

Gloss and fine displacment:spec


UV mapping

The UVs are laid out. I will use a multi tile workflow and I will abuse the features in Mari and Nuke that are designed to aid this workflow. There is a total of 13 tiles.The symmetrical parts are laid out on top of each other but not on the same tile, which enables me to copy textures between them to keep symmetry and then break the symmetry any time I want.uvs

Texture look development

On this sheet are the top 30 of my tests of different textures for our creature. It’s been lots of fun making them, trying not to lock myself on just one theme/style. I put around 20-30 minutes on each version with a total work time of little more than a day.lookdev_sheet

Now I’m trying to choose one of them. These two are my favorites but I don’t know which one to pick (or how to combine them). lookdev_final

The texturing starts on Monday and I’m very exited to get started.