Milestone 2

Today we presented Milestone 2 “Proof of Concept”.

We showed our edit with a proxy creature, and the result of the past two weeks work. Everything is going as planned and we won’t need to do any rework of our planning.

Here is our wip-edit. The images are unedited, so there is no grading and there are some artifacts that we will have to fix.

Milestone 1 Delivery

Yesterday we presented Milestone 1 “Feasibility and planning”.
We showed our concept art which Kim made, featuring the head design made by Rebelkimy. We were heavily influenced by other movie monsters but we tried to add some personal touches to it.
We also presented our storyboard and research.
The overall feedback seemed to be positive, so we won’t need to do any major overhauls.

If you want to view the milestones documents you can follow this link.

This is a demonstration of our 2D concept in 3D. We used this scene to test the creatures volume and motion patterns.