The Animation was done in Maya. Since animation wasn’t part of my specialization we didn’t want to make it to complicated and time consuming, so we opted for the standard skin bind with corrective blendshapes instead of a muscle rig.

The animation process was straight forward. I started by blocking in keyframes, in this stage I could change and try out different movements without having to redo a lot of work.
once I settled in to a animation I liked I started to tweak with the animation curves inside maya to get the right interpolation between keyframes. Some stuff had to be tweaked when I saw the interpolated animation but it was still true to the initial block in.
Here’s a video of the animation progress:

Kinda as a spontaneous last minute thing I decided to make his “fat sack”/chin a simulated ncloth so that we got some interesting dynamic wrinkles. There was no problem with the simulation itself, I got it looking as i wanted right away. However merging the simulation with the skin bound animation was a little bit tricky, but after some trial and error I got it to work.

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