Plate cleanup

We got an artifact from the RED camera with a black or discolored line down the middle of almost all our shots. I struggled quite a bit, trying out different methods to remove the lines. I tried a few edgebleed tricks (none giving me pleasing results), I tried nukes furnace rig removal (it had problems with highlights), I tried cloning (too time consuming), I tried moving the right side of the image 4 pixels, to cover the lines (it created a noticeable edge between left and right side. The thing that finally gave me a result I was happy with (and was extremely easy to set up) was after effects “simple wire removal”. I’m quite surprised that a function named “simple” beat the optical-flow based furnace rig removal.

I also suppressed the colors on a blue patch on our actors back that we thought was irritating. Here is the before and after:


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