Wavelength dependent scatter

One of my biggest challenges of this course will be to nail a good subsurface scatter shader. Our choice of renderer is mental ray mainly because it has some really neat subsurface scatter shaders.In Maya 2013 there is a new sss shader implemented which gives you control over scatter radiuses at different wavelength. I was pretty psyched about trying it out, and here is the result.

I’m pretty pleased with the result so I’m considering using this shading setup for our creature. I used a mia_material to calculate the diffuse and specularity, which I then plugged into the new misss_fast_shader2_x.

The values I used in my shader (radiuses for red, green and blue) are taken straight from NVIDIA’s research, documented in GPU Gems 3 (Chapter 14).


Please watch it in full resolution!

The model is a 3d scan of Lee Perry-Smith that is free for download though Infinite Realities.