Wavelength dependent scatter

One of my biggest challenges of this course will be to nail a good subsurface scatter shader. Our choice of renderer is mental ray mainly because it has some really neat subsurface scatter shaders.In Maya 2013 there is a new sss shader implemented which gives you control over scatter radiuses at different wavelength. I was pretty psyched about trying it out, and here is the result.

I’m pretty pleased with the result so I’m considering using this shading setup for our creature. I used a mia_material to calculate the diffuse and specularity, which I then plugged into the new misss_fast_shader2_x.

The values I used in my shader (radiuses for red, green and blue) are taken straight from NVIDIA’s research, documented in GPU Gems 3 (Chapter 14).


Please watch it in full resolution!

The model is a 3d scan of Lee Perry-Smith that is free for download though Infinite Realities.


Milestone 1 Delivery

Yesterday we presented Milestone 1 “Feasibility and planning”.
We showed our concept art which Kim made, featuring the head design made by Rebelkimy. We were heavily influenced by other movie monsters but we tried to add some personal touches to it.
We also presented our storyboard and research.
The overall feedback seemed to be positive, so we won’t need to do any major overhauls.

If you want to view the milestones documents you can follow this link.

This is a demonstration of our 2D concept in 3D. We used this scene to test the creatures volume and motion patterns.

Welcome to the Creature VFX project blog

Welcome to our project blog!

This project will be execute by me (Robin Perdén) and Kim Lindqvist. I will be specializing in modeling and sculpting. Kim will be specializing in shading and texturing. The rest of the tasks in our project will be distributed evenly between us.

We are currently in our second week of work. The past week we did preparatory work. We have finished our concept art (thanks to Rebelkimy for letting us use her alien snake head design). We’ve also written our project plan, we have researched how to build our pipeline and some technical tests about panoramas, RED material and dynamesh.

But most of the work last week was about how to get footage in a scenography that we liked. We ended up building our own set which took too much time, but we think it will be worth it. We took some test footage at the location to figure out the framing and timing of the shots. The results were pleasing and we believe our scenography will suffice.

Concept art of our creature.