Mansion Shaders & Texture Wip

houseTexturewip1JPGThe Mansion is sort of a hero object in this game, therefore it will receive some cool shader tricks like environment mapping for reflections on the windows and roof. So that’s the functionality I’ve added to shaders today, as well as transparency for the glass. Textures and lightmap are work in progress, but I would like to get them to a presentable state asap so I can move on to other things.



New rig and some furniture textures

Earlier last week made a better rig with better skinning, in order to simplify the animation process. Animating has gone pretty well and I have 2-3 more animations to make. Today I’ve textured a couple of stuff for the interior since Erik had other things to work on.p19p18

Interior texturing and gameplay

So, a somewhat late post from me, managed to get sick for one week but got a lot of work done anyway, had all the models uvmapped and normals + ao baked for them.

In my original schedule i had the last 2-3 weeks to use on uvmapping, texturing and effects, but i have to spend the final week working with gameplay instead as Robin doesn’t quite have enough time to do everything.

Sadly this will leave my part a bit more lacking then i would have hoped, a lot of the models won’t be textured (at least by me) and some of the models that i wanted to include won’t make it in.

Instead i will be working with the Kismet scripting interface to create gameplay events, picking up items, unlocking doors, in-game story and more. Depending on how quick i can make things work i might be able to go back to texturing a few more objects, although i doubt it as i do want the gameplay to be on a good level before doing so.

Some screenshots are coming up tomorrow as well, need to bake the lights which takes about 3 hours at this point while using the highest default settings.

ss_3 ss_2 ss_1

Not the prettiest ever, nor using all of the post processing features. Flashlight is also casting some pretty strange shadows but it’s something that should be fixable.

Not super happy with the resulting textures really, but i did what i had time to do. For now it’s gameplay time instead.

The eye of the monster

Now the AI got a line of sight and other small fixes. So if the player move outside the monsters line of sight, the monster will lose the player.

The most of the time has passed on monitoring the AI, how it moves and behave.

AI wandering around

Have been sick for about 1.5 weeks so have fallen a lite behind the schedule but working again. Have starting to work more with the AI so we can have a monster thats wandering around, following the player, attacks and flee. Some of the smaller things are going to be made by using kismet instead of unrealscript to save some time.

Character animation

So the character is rigged and skinned, and I’m currently animating the walk cycle. I made a simple facial rig with joints since there won’t be that much facial expressions except for opening/closing the mouth.

p16 p17

Character texture

So the texturing is basically done now and it’s time to move on to rigging/skinning. But if I have time later I’ll work a bit more on the textures!p13 p14

And here “it” is inside of sunny UDK: