The eye of the monster

Now the AI got a line of sight and other small fixes. So if the player move outside the monsters line of sight, the monster will lose the player.

The most of the time has passed on monitoring the AI, how it moves and behave.

AI wandering around

Have been sick for about 1.5 weeks so have fallen a lite behind the schedule but working again. Have starting to work more with the AI so we can have a monster thats wandering around, following the player, attacks and flee. Some of the smaller things are going to be made by using kismet instead of unrealscript to save some time.


About how you get your scripts into UDK:

1. In the code you must  either extand from a class that are placeble or you must make your class placeble.

(class VaultActor extends Actor placeable;)

2. When it’s placeble you can find it in the Actor browser. Find it and simple drag and drop it into the scene.


Version control

Our version control for UDK is up and running, and the problem with many people working on the same level is solved. Will have a meeting tomorrow about it, so everyone knows about it.