New rig and some furniture textures

Earlier last week made a better rig with better skinning, in order to simplify the animation process. Animating has gone pretty well and I have 2-3 more animations to make. Today I’ve textured a couple of stuff for the interior since Erik had other things to work on.p19p18

Character animation

So the character is rigged and skinned, and I’m currently animating the walk cycle. I made a simple facial rig with joints since there won’t be that much facial expressions except for opening/closing the mouth.

p16 p17

Character texture

So the texturing is basically done now and it’s time to move on to rigging/skinning. But if I have time later I’ll work a bit more on the textures!p13 p14

And here “it” is inside of sunny UDK:


UV mapped and baked character

So for the past 2 days I’ve been UV-mapping and baking the character. I think it ended up pretty well! I used xNormal for the baking, and tomorrow the texturing part begins – I’m looking forward to it! Haven’t decided which program I will use for texturing… Perhaps Mari or Mudbox. When texturing in Photoshop you always get visible seams, which I want to avoid. So here’s some pics:


Character low poly

Haven’t posted anything for a while. I’m 2 days behind schedule but now the low poly model is done. A few steps remains before moving on to texturing… That is optimizing, rig/skin test, UV-mapping and baking. Right now the tri count is around 10 000, which is quite reasonable. I’ve been making the retopo in 3ds max, it was the only program that didn’t crash. Otherwise I would’ve gone for Topogun. Anyway here’s a picture:p9

Character high poly

So, the high poly model of the character is basically done. I’ve been working in Sculptris for  two weeks now, and yesterday I jumped to Mudbox to add the skin details. Sculptris became very instable as the polycount grew over 1.2 million triangles, so since Mudbox doesn’t add new geometry automatically when sculpting, it worked fine there. Now there might be some details left that I’d like to add, but that can be done in the normal map later.

Next week a new chapter begins: low poly modeling, UV-mapping and baking! Looking forward to it. So, here are some pictures of the high poly model:


Watch turn table

Character update

So, now the arms and hands are in place. Now I need to add more skin details like wrinkles and veins, and also more asymmetrical details. Also some simple pants. I’m following my schedule, and this is the last week of sculpting.
I’ll have to work on both Saturday and Sunday in order to add all the details I want.



Animation research in UDK

Here’s some screenshots from the UDK animation research.

In UDK, you have to import the mesh first (SkeletalMesh), and then each animation separately, in the fbx format. So after reading about AnimSets and AnimTrees and watching a few tutorials, we managed to try it out with a simple rigged and skinned model.

First problem was to actually get the animations working in UDK, which seemed quite complicated at first. Second time doing it, it’s quite easy. We tried out blending between two animations, and adding a LookAt target. Both works fine!


Character – Work in progress

3 days of work have passed, and this is the character so far. I’m using Sculptris, it’s a very handy tool. Nothing strange about the work flow or settings, just sculpting!
Trying to get the large shapes right now. The arms will be added when I’ve broken the symmetry, since one is small and one is large. Until then I must sculpt the symmetrical parts.

Well… I will break much of the symmetry later when detail work begins.