Problems solved for this week

Multiple people working on the same level

We had a lot of problems earlier in the week when we were starting to place all of the props inside our unique levels inside UDK.

While the levels didn’t create any conflicts with SVN due to being separate files we hadn’t realized that having only one package (file that contains all the .fbx files) would create problems, we assumed that the packages could be merged if two people had worked at it at the same time, this didn’t work though.

In hindsight it was a rather simple solution to simply create a package for each of us, one for me and Joachim plus one for all of the logic items (doors, the creature etc.) so that there won’t be any problems.


Empty projcet VS Example project

The reason we threw the empty project away and started to work with the Example project is because most of the tutorials and help on forums were using the example project as a base on the scripting side. Only the programmer really felt this change as the only thing that was different for the artists was getting access to the example meshes, materials and textures which they could use as references for their own work.

The only person this change effected was the programmer, the artist also have access to the UDK examples material and meshes to study.