Projection after the explosion

I think I’m done with the projection. I made it in Photoshop using cutouts from pictures with dirty snow and other dirty ground stuff. Made some cracks on the platoe(?) upon which the deer is standing on.  It looks ok and does the job I think. But if there is something vital I missed I would happily take some feedback.


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Depth Comp

I stumbled upon something called depth compositing. This was completely new to me but a pretty simple way to sell an effect. I just wrote out a depth pass and graded it a bit. Then we used it as a mask. With colorspace or addmix in nuke you could tweak it even more. And the effect doesn’t just cover up your 3D deer any more. You now have control over if a certain effect should be more in the middle of the object, behind etc. Some more tweaking needs to be done, but my brain almost exploded when realizing how cool this was.


no_depth_comp.356 depth_comp.356

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Projection test

Just a visual update, I put Micke’s first draft for the dirt in there. I also changed the ending to another clip we shot which had a more interesting camera fall.

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Explosion test!

I apologize for the lack of updates from me these past weeks. I unfortunately caught some kind of nasty infection and have been confined to my bed for quite some time. However now I’m back on track and I’ll show you some of what I’ve been doing!

This video shows a rough block in of our ideas regarding the explosion, enjoy!

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Dirt test

I have tried to get the snow good and dirty. It looks kinda nice now but will need some changes i think. Now its pretty rough when it appears but i will try to fade it in more gentle later. Also with some smoke and explosion it will be less noticeable. But ye, everything in the shot is pretty rough now. But its slowly getting there. I hope we can show some explosions soon!



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Movie time

Well, i will now post tow clips. The one we will use and the first we had to discard. (OBS, you will have to imagine the explosion)

This is the one we discarded.

The spanking new clip, a special tanks to Robin And Kim who helpt us out alot!



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Before and after

I have tried out painting the “after explosion” dirt and soil on the snow. Its a bit of trial and error. Do i need to say its not final?….its not final… I used projections on planes to get thous suckers in place. It is a clear rim where the projections are at the moment. But this will be fixed, Now its a mater of mixing it in to the shot. And about that. Tomorrow i will go out and ones more film the material we need. This time it will be a static cam, witch will fall down after the explosion. I will post all the shots on the blog tomorrow. This will perhaps give more clarity on what we are doing. Thus far we have been pretty bad showing what we are aiming for. So sorry for that.


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Tracking and rolling shutter

While Micke has been working on the deer replacement I’ve been working on the tracking. There is however a very significant rolling shutter effect on the footage which has been slowing me down some. I approached this by using The Foundrys rolling shutter plugin in an attempt to counter the rolling effect. The effect can then be reapplied onto the CG material by reversing the correction values and this seems to work fairly well. However due to the footage being so distorted the track will need some extra love.

I attached some still frames of the raw footage and the cg with and without distortion.plateNoCG plateCGNoRollingshutter plateAndCG

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More photoscanning!

Not much to say here, we needed a replacement for the bomb and since photoscanning was kind of interesting I decided to take that approach.bottlebomb

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So,  i have tried a few things when it comes to animating the deers legs when the bomb goes off.  The way i think i will go with it is to use blend shapes.

I did a quick test, it look rough but had potential.




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