Possible window fix

We tried to put the rolling shutter back on the cg. Because the shot was handheld, it was extremely wobbly. So we could not iron everything out. There is still some wobbliness left in the shot. This causes the cg not to stick to the plate.

Plan B is in the works and it is to use the fixed plate where the cg sticks to the plate like a ROCK! But alas, the plate has some issues. Artifacts.

One of them artifacts is the window. It gets some nice looking ripples on the glass.

This i think will best be fixed by first track the translation and rotation of the window corners. Then put the track on stabilize. connect a roto and invert the alpha. Then put a framehold on a good looking window. connect it back in to the tree and finaly copy the tracking node and put it to matchmove. The shot is now back to normal but with a deasent window in most frames. We will have to skew it a bit on some frames to match the plate. But I think this is the way to go.


window_artifact_002 window_artifact_001 nuke

Edit: the pictures of the windows Only show the artifacts. Not the fix!

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