Autodesk Maya and Mental ray setup

I rendered a sequence to show a little of what’s happening inside our 3D package. Here you can see our photoscanned deer and bomb, the deer has been further sculpted by Micke. He also textured the deer using Mudbox and references we shot on set. The bomb is split into pieces and simulated with some fairly rigid nCloth by me.

Micke’s painting is projected onto a fairly simple but still accurate enough geometry which I also used for shadows and collision. Mia_material passes are rendered for the deer to allow greater compositing freedom for Micke aswell as shadows and motionvectors.

Our FX mostly consists of modified stockfootage and therefore its not visible here. I did however make some shadowcast only particles to match these effects since there were alot of small chunks that we felt should cast some discrete shadows (not visible in the video).

We also shot a panorama on set which is used to light the scene.

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