So Long, and thanks for all the fish!

Hi, this is the final post from Team Sabotage. This experience have been really cool. And we have learned a ton.

Personally I, Mikael have enjoyed the post from bots. Comments like: Your location is valueble for me. Thanks!

Or classics like: This text is worth everyone

Have made my day.

But a big tanks to every real person who have followed our blog. Hope you have been enjoying our posts!

/Team Sabotage





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Windowfix not fixed

I still think this is a possible solution. But i demands some hand animation. I will try to get it as snug as possible. And also get a roto more… tight. Also, we need to get it wobbly like the rest of the shot. Here is a clip of where we are right now.


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Possible window fix

We tried to put the rolling shutter back on the cg. Because the shot was handheld, it was extremely wobbly. So we could not iron everything out. There is still some wobbliness left in the shot. This causes the cg not to stick to the plate.

Plan B is in the works and it is to use the fixed plate where the cg sticks to the plate like a ROCK! But alas, the plate has some issues. Artifacts.

One of them artifacts is the window. It gets some nice looking ripples on the glass.

This i think will best be fixed by first track the translation and rotation of the window corners. Then put the track on stabilize. connect a roto and invert the alpha. Then put a framehold on a good looking window. connect it back in to the tree and finaly copy the tracking node and put it to matchmove. The shot is now back to normal but with a deasent window in most frames. We will have to skew it a bit on some frames to match the plate. But I think this is the way to go.


window_artifact_002 window_artifact_001 nuke

Edit: the pictures of the windows Only show the artifacts. Not the fix!

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Update on the rolling shutter operation

Ok, we are almost done with the first clip. We have also started to work on the rolling shutter clip. The footage has been corrected to a degree where its workable. Now, what we have done is the following:

– Corrected rolling shutter.- Graded/denoised/delensed the footage before sending it to MatchMover.
(we graded the material to get more contrast in in the footage so the tracking would go smoother.)

Here is whats going to happen next:

– Line up the cg material with the plate.

– Manually tweak camera animation.

– Take it back to nuke and re-distort the cg onto the original plate.

– Render out the new footage so you can look at the result.

One picture of where we are now.


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A few tweaks

Did some grading on the snow effects, also added a little lightwrap. That dark nasty edge around deer is now gone, it was a product of some additive merging. I’m having some trouble getting the result I want regarding grain on the CG elements. The dirt now appears a little more natural. Feedback is always welcome.

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Update on the comp

I’m currently working on just tweaking bits and pieces to hopefully get a more natural looking deer.  I have as Johan said before rendered out a few custom color passes to have a grater control over the end result. It has been a bit tricky. but I think it looks better then before.

Now, i got i bit of trouble with a dark edge that is surrounding the deer. It gets a bit of a toon look. I will come back with a solution. I think it needs some kind of subtle light wrap. I will give it a try anyways.

Otherwise i have been trying to get the deer and the effects to blend more. This i managed by using edgeblur on the depth masks I put in earlier. The effects gets in around the deers neck now. wish i think looks better. Sample pictures below.




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Autodesk Maya and Mental ray setup

I rendered a sequence to show a little of what’s happening inside our 3D package. Here you can see our photoscanned deer and bomb, the deer has been further sculpted by Micke. He also textured the deer using Mudbox and references we shot on set. The bomb is split into pieces and simulated with some fairly rigid nCloth by me.

Micke’s painting is projected onto a fairly simple but still accurate enough geometry which I also used for shadows and collision. Mia_material passes are rendered for the deer to allow greater compositing freedom for Micke aswell as shadows and motionvectors.

Our FX mostly consists of modified stockfootage and therefore its not visible here. I did however make some shadowcast only particles to match these effects since there were alot of small chunks that we felt should cast some discrete shadows (not visible in the video).

We also shot a panorama on set which is used to light the scene.

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Progress these last days

This new clip features quite a few tweaks. Micke has been working on integrating the deer better, more details regarding this tomorrow. Myself I’ve been working a bit on the effects, new snow effects bursting forward off the ledge aswell as new animations for the leg and fragments. More details from me tomorrow aswell!

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Questions left unanswered (Kind of)

I would just like to inform everyone that there will be more updates regarding our first videos we shot. We chose to redo these shoots due to some severe rolling shutter effects from the camera we used. Time was of concern and the work behind fixing these problems was kind of hard to estimate. I do however believe I have a solution, its just that it would require quite the amount of tweaking to make it work well.

So the plan is for me to revisit one of the first handheld videos we shot and work on getting all the material we currently have set up to work there as well. Like I said, more updates on this in a few days!

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Progress update

Part of our clip is available to watch below.

New additions include depth compositing, updated dirt projection, shadows and new fragments from the explosion.

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