[Week 6]Simple local forces somewhat finished, trying plane/triangle collision

I didn’t think trying local forces would go as fast as it did, after settling the sorting and putting extra time in some overdue courses I did it in less than a day. The local forces are not complex by any means.. I had hoped to put in some sort of field texture, but with my time I think I’d rather focus on a simple spherical ’emitter’. That can either drag in or push away particles. I may, when I create the kernel for this functionality also add functionality for bounding boxes with a “wind” vector..

I am currently looking into plane/triangle collision with my particles.. if I could get it done swiftly, I could get to cleaning up my code and actually make a demo of sorts. I’ve already planned what the demo should contain by itself. I may also, since it’s an extremely logical thing to do, add support for several particle systems in one particle manager. However, focus lies on making the particles behave pleasantly first! It doesn’t matter if I can demonstrate several systems at once if they don’t behave as I want. I’d rather have a demo with a single particle emitter, than several that don’t work.

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