[Week 4] Colored Billboards done

So, after finishing the billboards I figured I wanted transparency, and thus I read through that a little bit. What was seemingly simple bounded into me realizing just how much I have to learn. Even if I did bind VBOs, I rewrote the system a little bit so that I could send the buffers to my shaders, something I wasn’t quite sure about, but it worked well. However, I had many issues compiling a geometry shader, and first after fixing a bug with my debug logging could I see that it was because Geometry Shaders don’t take parametres that aren’t arrays. A facepalm later, I fixed it in a swiffy!

Also: I got some help with blending from someone.. and I feel I don’t quite grip it quite yet; I’ll have to take a more proper look later. As I will have to use different blending schemes later. I will also have to look into rendering particles to the depth buffer, but not against themselves.

This little adventure in itself worked fairly nice, I did learn a few things. Now I feel I can start with my research on particle sorting! This is gonna be interesting! The coming week I may also work on cleaning up my code a little bit and having more examples than just an all-emitting, fill-rate consuming ball of chaos. Even if it looks kind of neat!

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