[Week 4] A note on not-progress, and some handy links!

So, this week I haven’t got a lot done past reworking my schedule. mostly because my time has been spent reading papers and pre-existing code in SDKs. I may end up using pre-existing code for sorting, with slight modifications. However, if I do, I’ll make sure it’s within my right, leave a nudge towards the original authors/owners.

As said, I’ve had no VISUAL, nor any CODE advancements this week apart from the particle rendering. Instead I’ve read up on sorting on the GPU. I want to sort on the GPU because transferring all of the data back and forth from the GPU-CPU would be out of the question. It would be a bottleneck. However, I thought I’d make a few shout outs. NVIDIA and AMD both have nice SDK examples (however I haven’t found the sorting samples of NVIDIA). And Intel has got great OpenCL samples too, one of which are a bitonic sort, which is what I’m looking for!


The idea for the particles are that I’m gonna sort them. But I will not sort the particles once every frame. I’ll look into depth-sorting the particles maybe every fifth frame, or tenth. This is an arbitrary number and shouldn’t be tough to fiddle with.

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