[Week 1] Getting started with OpenCL

The week has been a slow start, but it’s mostly been because I’ve been distracted and/or busy for the most part. These last two days I’ve been doing progress however, I’ve been able to create and compile a simple openCL program of my own after trying a few applications. The biggest ‘issue’ I’ve ran into yet was a problem with linking, that was all my doing. After getting started though, I came to a surprising discovery:

OpenCL is surprisingly simple to set up. I hope to get a head start on next week by implementing a simple particle system ahead of time. Of course, this is just me being positive.

After playing a little with OpenCL, I felt like it was in my place to create a little OpenCL handler of my own, just to ensure code stays tidy and separated. It will not be anything fancy, just a few functions that return integer handles to std::vectors kept inside the handler. I’m considering making it a singleton, but it won’t really need such a treatment.

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