[Final] Now it’s finished!

It’s been a good few weeks, and time has passed with a flash. The project has had a lot of ups and downs, but it has finally arrived at a conclusion, to my delight. It was a fun process and I believe I’ve learned a lot, and have got good grounds to learn even more. I don’t intend on stopping my work on this project as it is, not now. There are just a lot of more things I can do to it.. but anyway, here’s my wrap-up. My report. In short.


The positives:

  • A lot of tasks were simpler than I had estimated, so I ended up winning a lot of time.
  • OpenCL was easier to get into than imagined.
  • I was more capable than I first imagined, too. It helps to get confident. =D
  • Managed work so quickly, even with timelosses..

The negatives:

  • Timeloss on sickness: 2 weeks approx.
  • Timeloss on driver issues: 1 week approx.
  • Could have had better initial planning!
  • There’s a lot of place for more sophisticated solutions, like maybe using a heightmap for particle collision. Or something else.

Overall I’m happy with my results, and I feel there is a lot of room for improvement. Improvements that I am going to try out from home and at my own leisure.


The final delivery ended up being not quite a .lib. I wasn’t happy enough with the result, so instead I send out my entire source, which is full of test-code and unoptimized parts; but it’s something for anyone to improve upon.

This is Klas, over and out.

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