Did a simple rig for the character. Everything is pretty basic; IK legs (with some driven keys for the claws), IK spline in spine and tail and the rest FK.



It’s simple but suits my purposes.



Yesterday we went filming at the museum in Nordanå. Part of the filming was done in 4k using a RED camera, providing me with great material to work with.


I also used a “GoPro Hero3 Silver” mounted on my RC car, this footage is in 1080p.
I will stabilize some of the parts a bit because of some shakiness and vibrations, just so it doesn’t become irritating.
The RC-POV footage as well as the car will be part of the story and final movie.
My car setup includes the camera and two flashlights.


Great thanks to everyone involved in filming!


First Post

My name is Caroline Näslund and this is the blog for my Creature VFX project “Breed”

In this project I will focus on implementing a cg creature into live action footage.