Eight week

So this week was the last week before milestone three and I had as goal to make the Starcraft Brood War AI which I was able to do. It will scout where the enemy base is and when it have done that it will rush the enemy with zerglings and send wave after wave. However this ai is not optimal and will not defeat the standard ai but it might be able to defeat a player if they do not get defence up fast enough. I learned a lot by just looking around at what you can do and looked at some other peoples AIs to Starcraft Brood War to get some help on how somethings are done. After milestone three is done it is only a week left until the gradshow where we will show our project and for that I will get add the Warcraft 3 ai into a map that can be loaded and played against and for the Starcraft ai I will try to make it able to play against instead of it taking control of the players units.

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