Seventh week

So this week I have sort of decided to be done with the warcraft 3 AI, it became only a Night elf AI with three different strategys. The thing with the warcraft 3 AI is that I am limited to what I can actually do since with some functions blizzards AI functions takes over and does somethings that I cannot see or change to get an affect that I wanted. I was able to change some functions that was acting weird. One of those things was that when I wanted the AI to attack an player it would attack it and after a while fall back and get new forces and then attack again, It would often fall back when most of the army was still alive and could push on to win big and get far ahead of the other player, this was due to a function which made the ai fall back and regroup depending on how healthy a hero was and how long time they been fighting. This I changed so that it will push on untill it the army size is kinda low and needs to retreat and then it will regroup with the units thats been created during the attack. I have also looked some more on the hippogryph problem and I found blizzards old AI before they changed how they designed AI in warcraft 3 and that code also have a hippogryph being build without it being in the code. I also found some functions in the blizzard file that contains a lot of functions that can be changed before they go to some functions that I cannot really tell how they work and there I found some comments left that said things like “this is how it should be” and “fix this in next patch” and following some code line that should be there. This shows that it is an incomplete AI from blizzard that they then changed to the new system that they use that is in the editor. So since I am done with the warcraft 3 AI I will try to get that one into a map that I will be able for other players to try play against it. However the way I designed it is not like an buildorder with units in it which makes it less optimal as a challanger then if it is done like an buildorder with buildings and units in it at the same time. I have also started looking into making a Starcraft Broodwar AI on the time that we have left on the project and since it’s not that long time left I aim to get a working ai that is able to harvest and build and make some units and attack another player with. Depending on how fast that goes will decide how much I will get into it.

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