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Sixth week

So this week have been¬†interesting, I have completed the unit production for the standard build, this build uses a lot of different units and upgrades almost everything so it’s not that good of a tactic, but with this tactic I can just peel of what I need and make a special composition for a tactic like only build two different units and upgrade only what they need. However this week could have also been some other tactics ready but I spent a lot of time trying to get some attack pattern going but all I got when I tried to use some function was a null target which didn’t help so in the end all I decided was to use the standard that I have been using. I also found a bug that I have been trying to find out why it happends but haven’t found it yet, this have taken a lot of time also and it is that in the building “Ancient of Wind” will alot of times build one “Hippogryph” and will rebuild it if it dies. This part I have not coded in that it will do and all I have found out about it is that when I build some units it will build a “Hippogryph” most of the time. I tried taking away all units and then it was not build but when I added it to build heroes and eight “Huntress” it started to build the “Hippogryph”. So I will start doing the tactics for it to use and see if I can find why this “Hippogryph” is being build.

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