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Archive for February, 2013

Fifth Week

Been focusing on making the AI not going for a build order rather what is needed to tech further or to build to build certain units. Getting a good unit composition at certain time should not be a problem to get done but will take some time to get it right, have already started on that part but takes time to get it good.

Fourth Week

This week have been kinda slow in progress. I have been stuck a lot when checking functions and trying to get them to work with little success. Got some to work but many didn’t work as I wanted and I will have to find solutions around them. Many of them isn’t really needed but would be nice if I had gotten them to work. Will continue now to Implement the things that work and make the AI better as the next step.

Milestone 2

So milestone 2 have been completed and uploaded. The upload is a simple AI for the Night Elf race. It builds a Priestess of the moon as a hero and archers and huntress as units. When a Hero is out it will start to attack small creep camps and when it gets 6 huntress it will start to attack a player and from there on it will constantly attack a player and build mostly huntress as offensiv units. It have been tested versus easy, normal and insane AI and so far it have defeated easy and normal but it losses to an insane AI. So from now on I will start to build more tactic into the AI and also try to make it more advance and optimize the build.

Third Week

This week I’ve been learning and implementing a simple AI into warcraft 3, some problems occurred with some functions in JASS didn’t work when I wanted them to or just crashed when I tried to use them. These problems were when I tried to get locations on enemys to get my units to attack. However I started to look into how blizzard themselfs did the AI to try to find solutions how to get it right and found that they had done the whole thing in a different way. So from there on I started to learn directly from the warcraft 3 AI scripts directly rather then going with the functions that I found in JASScraft. I have been able to create a simple AI so far and will start to get it more complicated and get it to start doing more strategys.

Second week into the project

So first week was about research into the project. This week I have gotten the environment ready, that will be downloaded all the necessary programs installed and ready to be used. The main program that will be used for coding is JASScraft and I have begun testing with the ai in that. So far I have gotten it to harvest and build as I want and are currently working on getting it to control the units for patroling around and attack the other player.