My name is Tove Kellner and welcome to my project blog “Night at the Exhibition”. The purpose of this project is to extend my current knowledge by using advanced texturing techniques and tracking with compositing to achieve a believable, animated visual effect. The result will be a 1-2 min long short film with one hero shot of a statue’s hand breaking free from the stone.

These goals are what I am aiming at:

Goal 01: The tracked underarm and cg arm are in line with each other. A roto revealing the real hand underneath should not be a problem.

Goal 02: A believable cracking effect which reveals the real underarm.

Goal 03: The hand shot has correct lightning and textures.

Goal 04: The two additional cg-shots have been tracked, lighted and rendered.

Story                                                           sculpture

A sculpture of the hands of The Creation of Adam stands on top of a table in an exhibition. A person walks in front of the sculpture and stops. When the person walks away the sculpture has a small, black doodle on it. The lights go out. The exhibition closes. The right hand of the sculpture suddenly breaks free, revealing a human hand of flesh underneath the stone. The hand notices the black marker that was left behind by the person. The scene fades to black. The next day the sculpture is in place again. The camera zooms out and the entire room is covered by black doodles.

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