Milestone 4

This has been a very busy week! I am not completly happy with the results and I think I will work on my hand some more before I am complelty satisfied with it. Unfortunally I messed up some of the shadowlayer frames when I rendered, so they are twitching a bit. However this is the result so far:

Milestone 3

Milestone 3

Here is the final ncloth test I did.


Now I have implated this into my final version. You can see the reslut down below. I have been rortoing and testig some grading with the handshot as well, but since I am not compelty content yet with how it looks this is a verison without them. This week I have to finish up the handshot work and render the other shots. Luckely I only have to render one frame of these other shots since the camera is still in all of them and the hand is static.




Boolean Problems and Clusters/Ncloth solution

So, I have played around a little with the fissures. The original plan was to use a boolean operation and then animate its history. It worked great with a lowpoly mesh but not so great with a highpoly one. The procedure is the same, however animating the history becomes to much for my computer to handle and impossible to view in the render view. So the boolean plan is scrapped.

Instead I am currently turning my attention toward an Nclott solution with animated cluster deformers. This is a render with only cluster deformers. I need to redo the skinweights though.


I tried to do a version using only ncloth, but I can’t get it to work as well on the actual hand. Furthermore I like the cluster animation better as it divides the geometry much more precisely as it goes.

Tracking of the hand – Result

I have now tracked my hand and animated the fingers with joints. It was not easy.

In the end I chose to do a geometry track of the arm in pftrack, send the tracked joints to maya and add a jointchain for the hand and fingers. I then animated the fingers as accurate as I could with the clip playing for reference as an image plane in the background. This was my back-up plan but I think it will work just fine.

When I started I wanted so badly for the ordinary object tracking to work. I tried many things but both Matchmover and pftrack just turned up with red or wierd solves. Earlier in this project, before I filmed my material with the RED camera, I did manage to get a decent object track in pftrack of my arm (just the arm, no fingers!) filmed with two static cameras. I did the same procedure for this shot, but perhaps I just moved around too much this time. Or it may have been that thet one of the 7D cameras was a little out of focus, making the tracks glide to much. Either way, it´s nice to have a back-up plan!

Okay. So, this is a small render of some of the animation. The hand plate is visable behind the cg hand. Unfortunatley, you can see that sometimes the outlines of the fingers on the plate is not completley covered by the cg hand.

From Maya




What I did here was to simply dilate the fingers in nuke. I came across this outline problem when I started to animate. My first thought was to simply give the sculpture some additional thickness. But, in order to completely remove the outlines (and unwanted motionblur) was to increase the thickness to the point were the Hand of Adam actually looked quite fat. Instead I will dilate the fingers and avoid to show any skin at the edges (only for the fingers). Perhaps there will only be smaller cracks at the fingers joints. I will see how it looks when I start on the fissures.

Texturing the hand

This is how far I have gotten with the texturing process. I think I will try to make it look like ruff limestone with some light cracks. I saw another sculpture at Nordanå which looked sililiar to this whom I thought had pretty nice texture. However, right now it looks like the cracks are the dark lines you can find in marble material, so I will rework it a little more again. I also want some more detail and definition on the stand texture.  Now when I also have some idea of how the stone will look like, I will go back and adjust lightning a bit as well.