Tracking – Reference Images and Geometry Tracking

I have cut my movie in premier and started to track my selected shots. My plan was to use pftrack for my whole tracking process. However, for some reason I can’t seem to find a way to make a good or sensible solve even for just the scene and with the reference images. Therefore I tried to track in Autodesk Matchmover instead. It was still a hard track. The camera movement has very little paralax. But together with the reference frames I finally got a sensable solve. YES! Analyzing this I now know that reference frames definitely are a great help solving camera movements like mine. It would not have worked without them. Also, the reason I think i couldn’t get a good solve  in Pftrack is becuase I just don’t understand how to make the constrains to work properly. I have to look this up. But for now I am happy it worked out well with Matchmover.


Something else I have tried out is the geometry tracking within Pftrack. And it works…sort of. From the start I had already taken into account that geomtrey tracking could not solve all of the animation on the hand, like the fingers for example as they constantlycover each other. Exporting the geo track from Pftrack results in an animated joint chain in maya. Now when I have experimented with it I think I will go with just keeping the joint which drives the forearm and then later in maya, proceed with building on that chain and add joints to the hand and fingers I myself will animate. The forearm joint will add more realism to  the overall animation, providing small movements that would be hard for me to animate.

The geo track is a fast way to get some additional animation. However, from the start I wanted the object tracking to work, but once again the solve is not quite right. I am aware that I can only track features that are static to eachother. I have tried to track the forearm’s markers since there isn’t much twist movements from the arm. If I have time I will try this again, but for now it’s good to now the geo track is working.

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