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Thoughts and conclusions

The project is now “done” in the sence that the final demo has been presented for teachers, students and companies at the Gradshow that was held March 25th. We got a lot of positive feedback (and some constructive criticism) that we took to heart. But most importantly the people who tried our game had a lot of fun!

For now, everyone on the team is out doing their thesis work but we do polish the game / fix bugs on our spare time for the SGA event later this year. If you havent already, be sure to check us out at http://gameawards.se/competition_entries/852 .

Conclusion wise I think I speak for everyone when I say that we are quite proud of what we’ve accomplished in the short time span of the project, and we had a very good time doing so! The team will meet up again this summer so be sure to visit our facebook and other social medias for more frequent updates!

And as always, dont be shy on sending us an email or a chat message if you want to get in touch with us.

All the best until later!

Team ImpactO

Milestone 3

Milestone 3 is upon us, and today we are going to present our game for teachers friends and colleagues. We still have one week of polish until the gradshow at March 25th, which we will utilize to put some effort into elbowing out the last few bugs and presenting a quality prototype for everyone to enjoy.

Here is my short demo of the character customization currently in the game.


Many small pebbles add up to a mountain

So the character customization is pretty much done I guess. I’m currently working on the testing area where the users should be able to test out their gear locally before finding a match. I’ve been having a hard time focusing on my own specialization project as more and more issues come up and are presented in the main project.

Sounds should be added, weapons that need tweaking, xml readers that need rework are just the tip of the iceberg of what I’ve been up to this week. I’m not entirely satisfied with the current system that I’ve implemented but it works and produces most of what I was after at the start of the project.

The player can now choose from 4 different weapons in the categories:

  • Chain

This category allows the player to equip a passive bonues modifier to your character. The two available ones at the moment give you either +20% impact damage or a flat +20 hp and +10 shields. This opens up for more tactical choices when playing with your friends where you might want the one carrying the flag to have more hit points while your friends go for more damage to keep the enemy away from you.

  • Left
  • Right

These are going to be your main offensive weapons! Right now you can equip each slot with either a mine dispenser that places explosive proximity mines. Or you can choose a rocket launcher that fires explosive rockets that deals aoe damage upon impact.

  • Engine

This is the slot that lets you improve your movement on the battlefield. Right now you can choose to equip it with a turbo that increases both your maximum allowed speed and increases your speed over 2 seconds. This is great to give you that extra speed to increase your impact damage and catch up to enemies.


For the graphical portion of the customization system, you can for now select the color of your character for the deathmatch and race mode. You can also choose the appearance of your character by selecting from different textures available to you.

For the robot… Well, lets just say that the hats that you’ve seen in the earlier videos have found a new home!


Pre alpha screening and new battery

Today was our first screening of the game for people outside the school and “friend” circuit. We were invited to Balderskolan where we set up shop and students of different ages with a variety of experience with games, got to try out an early pre alpha build of Impacto. It was a rough start when we set up the computers and a couple of technical difficulties postponed the testing an hour, but at least it worked out!

We got a lot of good feedback from the testers, and they seemed to enjoy the game very much once they got used to the controls. We had many close games that ended with only a few points seperating the teams at the end, and after the first match the players became really good, which shows the game can be played by anyone, but at the same time the ones who have played a couple of times have a greater skill than newer players. This is for me a great part of any good game. Skill progression is a vital part in games that have longevity and are played more then a couple of times.

We also had help from one of the second year CG students Fredrik Ortmon that helped finish the battery which is the “flag” in our HTF/CTF game mode. A big thanks to him! It looks really great both on it’s own and when attached to the robot.




Now theres 1 week left until MS3 and 2 weeks until the gradshow. Needless to say we are all really hoping that we can present something extraordinary for the gradshow and something good for MS3 🙂

Gearing the metal

Long time no post.

I have been very busy lately working hard on many things at once. I’ve been mainly occupied with things that doesnt have that much presentability value at the moment. I redid the sound system to let our sound guy Mikael Bauer freely edit sounds of his choice and instantly load them in to the game by the click of a button. No more restarting the game or sending sound files back and forth for us to test them out! This in turns makes the process alot smoother for him and us.

I’ve also been working alot on my separate project trying to create a stand alone version for others so they can use my Character Customization system for their own purposes. Needless to say this is a big undertaking and I’ve met some hardships along the way such as trying to make the system idiot proof while still keeping alot of freedom in it.

In the main project, I have managed to fully integrate the customization of weapons and a simple color wheel selector for the players that lets the player spawn over the network with their own weapons of choice. This opens up a whole lot of new possibilities when it comes to the game mechanics and we have to tweak numbers almost every game test so things don’t become overpowered.

One of the hardest things when thinking about design, has lately been to keep the incentive of players knocking into each other. With a variety of new weapons available to the players the game has started to drift abit away from the original idea of just knocking into your opponents, smashing them to pieces. This will probably get better once we start to implement some more melee weapons as opposed to only ranged ones.

Sound effects

As you all know sound is one of the key parts when playing games. I’m not much of a sound effects guy but someones gotta do it. I’ve been working a bit on implementing some sound effects to the game such as explosions, weapon sound and collisions. There are alot of free sounds out there on the internet but most of them are very lacking when you are trying to produce a quality game. And as we have no budget to purchase sound or hire a sound guy to produce them for us, we will just have to make due with whats available at the moment. The biggest set back was when I started working on an engine sound for the vechicle when I realised that there is almost no good engine sound loops that fit our game.

We posted an entry on facebook asking for people to help us out with the sound and please dont hesitate to contact us here also if you think you can provide any sound or other things you might think we need for the game.

Other than that, I’ve been working on the customization screen for the players. All thats left right now until it’s fully functional is enabling it over the network and after that, it’s just more features like graphical manipulation and other fun things for the users to enjoy!


The weekly progress on the character customization has not been to great due to me having the flu.

Tomorrow we are demoing what we have done so far, and the customization system and menu level is taking shape. There are still a lot of placeholders but the system behind it is kinda working right now but it still needs alot of polishing until I am satisfied.

Oh and the graphics artists saw the chance to make some hats for our game so as a joke I implemented them for customizing the character…


Weapon arsenal

I’ve been working on the new weapon system we are implementing in ImpactO. This week I made a new weapon system that manages all of the weapons aswell as a few weapons that you might recognize from the early ImpactO game!

Weapons will be divided into slots, where the user is able to mount pieces of weaponry in 3 different places on the character, left side, right side, and in the center. The different weapons are going to be specific to one slot, and as such you will only get to pick one weapon for each available location. This opens up for diverse gameplay and new combat opportunitys.

The three weapons currently in the game are:WeaponDemo

  • Speed booster (Center slot)This allows the player to gain a short burst of speed over a small period of time. This is usefull to get away from chasing opponents, beeing the first one to the powerups, or simply using it before smashing in to an opponent to deal more damage and push them further away. This was an original weapon from the first ImpactO although most of the people who tested the game wanted a change to this and this is it!
  • Rocket launcher (Right slot)Fires rockets that deal moderate amount of damage upon collision with an opponent. This is one of the few range weapons beeing worked on in ImpactO and this can be used to fire at opponents that are getting away from you or if you can keep your distance you can be pretty annoying with long range attacks.
  • Mine dispenser (Left slot)
    Pretty straight forward:
    * Deploy mine
    * Dont run over your own mine
    * Enemy runs into the mine
    * …
    * Profit!Deals a moderate amount of damage and they are present on the level for 30 seconds after deployment. Be sure to use this weapon at vital hot-spots on the map!

With the new weapon system implemented, new weapons take little time to implement so expect more updates in the coming week and be sure to post a reply if you want to see any of your favorite weapons in the game.

Oh and as always, placeholders everywhere!


The weapons in ImpactO will be user selectable. Before entering a match the user will be able to select what weapons to use! I have been working on setting up my test environment and fiddling around some with 3D menus and slot equipments.



The character is a quick mock-up of the new ImpactO sphere! And the weapons are random modeIs I downloaded from the internet just to try them out… They will look a lot better later once we get our own models in:)

Developer testing

So the graphical artists have posted some really nice looking stuff and I feel it’s my duty to show you what it looks like when we developers start out.


Very bland scene with placeholder models and bad lighting, but hey I can move stuff around and test things out freely, in my own personal secluded area. Developer videos will also be coming up later on and we will try showing you some weekly builds.