Character setup

I finished what I set out to do. To create a playable character in a prototype game, that could move around the level and transform between two states.

But I didn’t get the quality I wanted. Mainly because I had to decide if I was going to do just the things I wrote in my proposal really well, or do everything that needed to be done for the game to feel more complete. I decided to do as much as possible for the game. But still try to prioritize the animations I had to complete to look the best.

Over time I had to increase the speed and mobility of the character to almost double the original speed, to make it easier to survive and cap the “battery” . But since I only increased the animation speed in Unity. It degraded the look of the animations.

Like I wrote in one of my earlier posts, I implemented some of the character controller myself as well. Mostly because Felix who was in charge of the network syncing didn’t have time to also research how to implement the animations through Mecanim. After the base of the controller was working, he could sync it over the network.

The last week I was more or less done, i felt that tweaking the animations even more was not worth it before I remade them to fit the new speed (Alter the original animation instead of the playback speed in Unity).

So instead I helped out on some other things that needed to be done: UI elements, particles, texturing, etc.

If I did this project again I wouldn’t have changed much. The only thing would probably to have more people, so I could focus on my specialization. For  the future, I will keep practicing my animation and rigging skills. But since I also enjoyed the implementation part of this project. So I will add programming to that list.

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