Level Delivery

The level was presented at the GradShow in the form of a fully playable game prototype.

People who tried our game enjoyed the progress we have made during the last 8 weeks and had high hopes for ImpactO’s futureĀ endeavors.


Personally I did not reach the goal of what I had set out to do, but I am very happy with our end result as a group. I covered my part of this group project by delivering a functional level that can show the players the future potential of the game, but I didn’t have enough time to delve deep into more advanced modular, texturing and lighting techniques. The time frame only allowed me to reach a certain level of detail and made me pull back on the amount of props. In retrospect I would have liked to put more love and care into some models and textures, but as both a level designer and an environmental artist I had to prioritize the gameplay over my own creative ambitions, in favor of the group.


The planning got revised many during the project as the constant evolution of the level was a very time consuming process. Game tests were a good way for both the group and for myself to get a broader perspective on our work and we have all learned a lot. The Unity4 engine have been a very nice tool to work with and it is a big part of our successful workflow.


In the future I will keep on focusing on asset creation with the hope of being able to put more time and effort into each individual model. The level will go through some small changes the next couple of weeks, but the general layout will stay the same until the time when we are going to compete in the Swedish Game Awards.

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