The HUD is taking shape

The HUD is taking shape after allot of ideas and opinions from the group. The biggest lesson off all this is  that the perfect HUD probably does not exist. I made a bunch of different layouts and we asked around the campus what people thought and everyone had different opinions. This means that in the future, our game will probably have some sort of customization for the HUD, so everyone gets what he or she wants. As for now the player will have to settle with my wow inspired layout.

The GUI will have to display following: hp, energy, ammo and cooldowns and without using to much of the screen area. you can see in the picture that the GUI is really minimalistic and clean for the moment. The stripes under the numbers are the cooldowns. The half circles are life and energy reinforced by the three-digit number in the button right and left.  The remaining three numbers are the right, left and middle ammo count, for things like rockets and boosts. I hope it makes sense and that you like it.Hud

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